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Article by Dr. Vicente Lecuna on the day of the funeral of Dr. German Jimenez: (May 10th 1929)

Bulletin of the Caracas Chamber of Commerce

Venezuela has lost one of his more remarkable men of science: Doctor German Jimenez. A true wise person, by the depth of his knowledge and the sagacity in his analysis, Doctor Jimenez was man of consultation and advice of inappreciable value for the industrial institutions and companies that used his services. He was born towards 1860, he studied with honors mathematics in the University of Caracas under the well known professors, Manuel Maria Urbaneja, Agustin Aveledo and Alexander Ibarra, until graduating as a civil engineer in 1881, studies that he accompanied by those of jurisprudence, simply to cultivate his spirit, because he never practiced law as a profession. Shortly after graduating as an engineer he collaborated in the construction of the railroad from Caracas to La Guaira and the Central Railroad of Venezuela, but before the works were concluded, he was called to serve in the Ministry of Public Works by the minister Doctor Jesus Muñoz Tébar, whom he replaced as Dean of mathematics of the Central University. Unfortunately he could not devote himself to education due to the diverse working assignments in the Government and with individuals that absorbed all his time, but, in the short time that he headed the class of Topography, Geodesy and Astronomy practices, he showed the qualities of a first order professor.
Doctor German Jimenez was a Congressman and Minister of Public Works in the presidential period of Andueza Palacio, 1890 to 1892, and lately President of the Venezuelan School of Engineers and also Main Director of the Bank of Venezuela: he exercised this position during nine consecutive years, and the Presidency of the same Institution for two consecutive periods. His services in the Bank of Venezuela were remarkable due to his technical knowledge.
Doctor German Jimenez stood out in his findings for the Ministry of Public Works and diverse companies that frequently used his services. The ability and laboriosity to collect data, his sagacity in the study of the most difficult problems and the method and clarity of his expression, made his information true masterpieces. Thus he wrote of our mines, wharves, railroads, channels and many other subjects of great interest to the Nation and to the public. Among all these matters we must make special mention of the study of the Claim of the Railroad from Puerto Cabello to Valencia, which allowed the National Government to settle the claim with the company in advantageous conditions for the Nation.
Doctor German Jimenez also directed the Technical Magazine of the Ministry of Public Works, founded by Minister Doctor Roman Cardenas, in which, during many years, works of great value for the country were published. Also he directed during some time the Magazine of the School of Engineers.
Doctor German Jimenez was great collaborator of this Bulletin.
Being the information given by Doctor German Jimenez of general interest, and as technical information for some of our companies, we think that it would be possible to publish all his works, compiled in one volume, contributing to the cost of this work the Bank of Venezuela, the Chamber of Commerce, the Ministry of Public Works, the Electricity of Caracas and many other companies who Doctor German Jimenez served: a tribute to his clarified talent.

Vicente Lecuna

Articles by Dr. German Jimenez published in the Bulletin of the Caracas Chamber of Commerce:
  • Notes on Venezuelan mines. Numbers 71, 72, 73, 74, 75 y 76.
  • Exploitation of the Araya Salt Mines N 81
  • The dam of Petaquire of the Company "Generadora de Fuerza y Luz Eléctrica de Caracas" N 86.
  • Length of the roads traveled by Venezuelan products, from their origin to their destiny, not considering the traject covered by water of railroad. N 88.
  • The railroad to our plains. N 92.
  • The railroads of Venezuela. N 95.
  • The signaling of the Venezuelas cost line for navigation. N 105.
  • The railroads of Venezuela. N 110. (In collaboration with Dr. Vicente Lecuna)
  • The textile industry in Venezuela. N 111.
  • The railroad from La Guaira to Caracas, technical notes. N 129.
  • The drought of Caracas in 1924. N 126.
  • The economy of our forests. N 149.





The family of Dr. German Jimenez in 1904

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