This page contains photos of my paternal Grandmother, who my brother and I called Abita. She was a very important force in my life. She lived in Caracas, Venezueal. I would spend my summer vacations visiting her and my Dad in Venezuela.

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This is my Grandmother in Venice, Italy in May of 1938. Printed on the back of the picture: VASARI - ROMA, Via Condotti, 39, Via Ludovisi, 6. Hand written on the back Venecia Mayo de 1938

Close-up of my Grandmother. Somewhere in Europe, 1938.

All dressed up. Unknown location in Europe, 1938.

My Grandmother and Father, who is 10 years old in this photo. He was enrolled in school in Germany so he would learn German.

With a friend or family member, not sure who it is. Somewhere in Europe, 1938.

Christmas, 1938 in Berlin, Germany. My Grandfather and Grandmother sitting by the Christmas tree.

Skiing in Gastaad, Switzerland, 1938. My Grandfather on the left, with a smoke in his mouth, my Grandmother is next to him. I don't know who the other two women are, but that's my Father kneeling in the front at age 10.

This is a photo of my Grandmother, my Father's Uncle Gustavo (Tio Catire), and my Father abord the oceanliner Normandy, in August 1938. They were taking a trip from France to New York. I'm guessing my Grandfather is the one taking the picture.

My Grandmother and me in my back yard, March 1954.

My Grandmother and me as she finishes giving me a bath in my little wading pool in the back yard, March 1954.

My Aba as I called her when I was only 15 months old. "Aba" is short for Abuela which is Spanish for Grandmother. April 1955

This is Abita water skiing, probably while visiting us in Treasure Island, Florida. Not sure of the date.

My Grandmother was a world traveler. In 1963 she and a girlfriend took a trip around the world. Since I was very young at the time, I don't remember where she actually went. This photo was taken in Cairo, Egypt. Date on back of photo says May 17, 1963.

This photo was taken while on the same trip as the previous picture. This one appears to be taken in India. I'm guessing it was also sometime in May 1963.

As a kid, I used to visit Abita every summer. As I got older, the amount of time spent got shorter and shorter. This picture was taken sometime in the mid '70s. Just think, if she could love me after seeing me with this hair and beard, what more can you say?