Grade School Bands

Although the following collection of images are from my grade school years of playing music, there are a few photos at the beginning of my brother and I when we were very young. Our first official band was formed when we were in the 4th and 5th grade, while attending Oakton School. My brother Ed played bass guitar, and I played guitar and sang. The band was called The Invaders.

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This is actually taken when my brother Ed and I were in pre-school. This is the first known Jahn Brothers band. We were living in Madeira Beach, Florida. That's Ed on percussion and me on the Venezuelan Quatro, which is a four string instrument similar to a ukelele.

Around the same time as the previous picture. In this one, my Brother Ed has moved to the quatro as well.
My brother Ed with my Mom's classical guitar in front of the Christmas tree in our house at 8 Marina Terrace, Treasure Island, Florida.

This picture is the first band, The Invaders with Ed, Louis Musumeci, and myself. Lou lived across the street from the townhouse we lived in on Northwest Highway, in Park Ridge, Illinois. At this time, Lou was still playing a cardboard box. He later got a real drum set.

The Invaders business card. This was the first band business card we ever had. Lou's Grandmother had a printing company, so we always had cards if we needed them. I don't think there were many 4th/5th grade bands at the time with business cards.

Shot taken in front of Lou's garage (we were a real garage band) from Lou's parents' 3rd story apartment.

This picture was taken in our utility room at our Northwest Highway townhouse. This band was named The Imprints, note the large letter "I" on the drum head.

Another pose taken at the same time the previous picture was taken. From left to right, Greg McCann, Ed Jahn, Lou Musumeci and me. I still have my first guitar. Not sure what brand it was; some Japanese brand. I later got a Vox (see pictures below).

The Imprints business card. Pretty much the same band as The Invaders, but with added percussionist Greg McCann.

Not sure about this picture. Looks like when I got my first guitar, but then there's that picture below where I'm holding the Vox guitar. I look the same age and I'm in front of our Christmas tree...

This picture was taken in my Dad's back yard in Caracas, Venezuela, when I was visiting for the summer. Note the cool Beatle Boots and skin-tight pants.

This is probably the earliest picture of me with a guitar. I think I'm 11 years old here, since I remember getting this guitar when I was in the 5th grade. The guitar is a Vox Phantom VI, I believe. My Grandmother, Abita, got it for me as a Christmas present. Check out Vox's Phantom VI page for more info. I wish I would have kept this one, it would be such a classic to have right now.

Unknown Dimension was the english translation for "Twilight Zone" in Venezuela. We thought it would be a good name for our band. Pictured from left to right are Ed Jahn, Greg McCann, Lou Musumeci, and myself. Photo was taken in our utility room at our apartment on Northwest Highway in Park Ridge, IL.

Another photo in the series for the Unknown Dimension. In this shot we're holding our instruments. I've got my Vox Mark IV, Ed's holding his Tysco bass guitar (that was almost as tall as he was), Greg has his tambourine and maracas, and Lou is holding his drum sticks. This was a print that the whole band autographed.

Another photo in the series for the Unknown Dimension.

Here is a photo of me. Note the cool Beatlesque use of shadow on the face.

Business card for The Unknown Dimension. I'm not sure who came up with the catch phrase Modern Musical Entertainment, but at the time we must have thought it was very cool.

Another photo in the series for the Unknown Dimension. This one is our lets look like the Beatles pose, with the "cute" one (Ed) in the front.

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