High School Bands

The following collection of images are from my high school years at Main South in Park Ridge, Illinois.

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This picture was taken in my down stairs bedroom on Knight street in Park Ridge, Illinois. I am wearing my "JIC" t-shirt, which stands for Jefferson Ice Company. I'm playing my ES-335 12-string electric guitar.

Same as the previous picture, only seated while tuning the guitar. We picked the name Jefferson Ice Company for our band, because we liked the band Buffalo Springfield at the time and we heard they named themselves after a brand of tractor.

Playing with Jefferson Ice Company at the well known (at the time) Deep End club in Park Ridge, Illinois. That's my brother Ed's arm in the picture.

Same show as previous picture at the Deep End. This is Ed playing his Hofner (Beatle) bass guitar. I know he wishes he still had that guitar. That's Joe Abbate, our keyboard player, in the background, and John Holt's hand in the foreground.

The Jefferson Ice Company business card. Quite a cool card for the time. Lou's Grandmother in NY had a printing company, so we always had cool business cards for our bands.

This was a Park Ridge Advocate picture of the Jeffersion Ice Company when we played at the Main South Art Fair. Joe Abbate (keyboards), me (guitar), Lou Musumeci (drums), John Holt (lead guitar), Ed Jahn (bass). Lise Lippert and Yetta Matturro, at the bottom, were another group.

Ed and I in our fringe jackets standing in the back yard of our Knight Avenue house in Park Ridge, Illinois. We're probably on our way to a Jefferson Ice Company performance or practice.

The Beatles. This photo was taken at the Main South High School Variety Show. The only other person besides myself that I can remember is Brad Henricksen, playing Ed's Hofner Beatle bass. I'm playing my 1968 Gibson ES-335 cherry colored 12 string guitar.

Another Beatles Variety Show picture. We were probably singing Eight Days a Week in this shot. The other song we did was Twist and Shout.

Christopher Bradley playing a benefit for the Park Ridge youth Coalition. This was at the Main South field house. Other performers included Daddy Troll (Willow), and R.E.O. Speedwagon.

Christopher Bradley probably playing at Pendragon on Sheraton Road in Chicago. This was a very popular "Coffee House". A lot of big-named acts played there.

Christopher Bradley in a recording studio in Chicago, recording a demo tape. This was during the summer of '72 when I was playing in an acoustic duet with Bradley Henricksen. Brad ended up in California and released several records under the name Brandley Dito.

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