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The Early Years

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I was born in Caracas, Venezuela to an American (US) mother and a Venezuelan father. I come from a long line of Alfredo Jahns; I happen to be the 5th! (The Jahn family immigrated to Venezuela from Bremen, Germany in the 1800's.) I've lived all my life in the "states", although I am fluent in Spanish and have spent many summers in Venezuela. My dad still lives in Caracas and I also have two half sisters; Lolita and Maria Alehandra (Male) who also live there.

I spent part of my childhood in St. Petersburg, Florida but moved to the Chicago land area while in the 2nd grade. We lived in Park Ridge, a northwest suburb of Chicago and childhood town of former First Lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Her younger brother Tony and I were very good friends in high school, and we both played on the Main South football and track teams...

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