The following photos of Shawn Colvin were taken in Carbondale, Illinois, when Shawn was only 17 years old. At the time, I was enrolled as a student at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, working on my Radio-TV degree. I was also performing at local acoustic clubs in town. Shawn Colvin and her band, The Shawn Colvin Band were very popular at the time. A lot of the local musicians were good friends and would often sit in with each other at performances. If I was playing and Shawn came into the club, I would ask her to come up and sing some harmonies with me, if she was playing, I would sometimes do the same for her. It sure was a lot of fun!. If you want to learn more about Shawn Colvin, visit her official website at

These pictures were taken at an outdoor afternoon concert at Giant City national park, right outside of town. Several of the local "acoustic" artists/bands played that day, including myself.

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A young Shawn Colvin getting ready to introduce a song to the crowd.

Another shot of Shawn.

The Shawn Colvin Band, including Jimmy Bruno playing bass, and Dennis Conroy playing the "tablas". Jimmy was the main songwriter in the band, and Dennis was the former drummer of the Chicago-based Cryan' Shames.

A shot of Shawn and Jimmy.

Another shot of Shawn and Jimmy.

Shawn and Dennis on maracas.

A shot of Jimmy Bruno.

Here is Dennis Conroy playing his Tablas.

This shot is taken from behind showing the size of the crowd. I'm sure Shawn's crowds are a bit larger these days. :-)

I'm the guy with the curly hair playing the guitar with my back to the camera. Ron Rebman is the guy playinig guitar with the purple sweat shirt. Shawn is in the center singing along.

Another shot of me, Jeff Farris, Shawn Colvin, and Ron Rebman. Ron and Jeff had a band named The Rebman Farris Band.

Shawn singing harmony on one of my original songs, One Child. Shawn sang great harmonies on a lot of my tunes. In fact, her whole band played on a recording I made of that song, and others recorded on a 4-track in my living room.

This is a copy of a promotional 8x10 picture used by the Shawn Colvin Band as part of their promo pack.

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