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Southwest Airlines    

I started working at the LUV airline a few days after Christmas, 2003. What a great present to find under the tree. SWA, as we call it, is such a great place to work. Voted many times as the best company to work for, it really is. There is a special culture that is rarely found anywhere else. I am currently working in the Customer Experience Business Services group, in the Technology department writing common business services in Java. I'm in the Headquarters building just west of the main runway at Dallas' Love Field airport. If you get a chance, check out the show Airline on the A&E Television network. This reality show features Southwest Airlines.

Texas Instruments, Inc.

At the beginning of 2002, I started working as a consultant for Texas Instruments, Inc. in their Educational Technology (E&PS) group. I worked on a product called LearningCheck Creator, which is part of their Navigator product line. All programming was done in Java. I have also worked on porting the product to the Apple OS X operating system.

Iris Labs, Inc

In October 2000, after 13 years at Alcatel/DSC, I made the decision to leave and try my luck at one of the many optical telecom startups that were poping in the area. Iris Labs was located in Plano, TX. I worked as a Java GUI (Graphical User Interface) developer working on an EMS/NMS (Network Management System) product. Unfortunately, Iris Labs closed down at the end of October, 2001, a victim of the high tech collapse and 9/11.

Alcatel USA (formally DSC Communications)    

Although I started at DSC Communications, 10 years later, in 1997, Alcatel USA took us over and we all became Alcatel employees. Alcatel is a large Telecom company based in France. Before I left Alcatel, I was working in the OGX EMS group doing JAVA Graphical User Interface (GUI) design. Alcatel USA is a leading manufacturer of digital telecommunication equipment and services.

Texas Instruments, Inc.

My first real job was at Texas Instruments, in Dallas, Texas. Although I was hired as a Hardware Design Engineer, I never did get a chance to design any circuits. Instead, I learned how to program. I worked on the ASPR silicon wafer processing machines, using the Pascal programming language. This got me hooked on Software. Shortly there after I transferred to the Software Group and I've been Software Engineer ever since. In 1987 I decided it was time to move on, and exprience other business cultures. I interviewed with a telecom company in Plano, Texas, and took the job with DSC Communications.

WebNet Technologies

I was also the co-founder and Creative Director of WebNet Technologies, a Web presence provider in Dallas from 1994 to 2000.

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