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The following collection of images are from my college years at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Illinois. They include newspaper clippings of some of the ads in the local Daily Egyptian newspaper, reviews of our bands, and photos of me playing is some of these bands.

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Playing a solo acoustic set at Giant City. Shawn Colvin sat in and sang some harmonies with me.

Same concert in Giant City accompanied by Shawn Colvin Band drummer, Dennis Conroy.

Ad for the American Tab club in Carbondale, Illinois. This ad actually has my picture on it! Cool, hu? This was during the time when I was playing solo in local coffee houses.

Another ad for the American Tap. This ad also has Cliff Eberhardt listed. Cliff was also a local Carbondale performer.

This ad is for a place called The Club. The Notorious Jahn Brothers Band was a band that my brother Ed and I started. Also note that Shawn Colvin is booked to play that Friday night.

This is a rare photo of the Dakota Band. We were a harmony rich, 3 guitar, CSN&Y type of band. That's my brother Ed in the center (leather jacket) and me, with the "fro" next to him. :-)

Another Dakota Band pose.

Ricochet came after the Dakota Band. Ed and I stayed together, Chris (Fitz) stayed, and we picked up a new drummer (Vinnie Bourke).

News paper clipping about a Ricochet gig.

This is a shot of Ricochet playing in the Das Fas beer garten, one of our favorite places to play in Carbondale. Pictured from left to right are Vince on drums, my Brother Ed playing bass, and me playing my Strat.

Another shot at the same show. Dig those side-burns!

One more shot at the same Das Fas gig.

This is Ricochet playing at a huge big party I hosted out at Wides Village, riht outside of Carbondale, where I was living at the time. Officially called Alfredo's Country Pig Fest because a whole pig was roasted! Our good friend John Christy, played with us that day.

I think this is another shot of me at the same party.

This me playing at a very cool outdoor natural cave theater somewhere outside of Carbondale. I am not sure what band this is... Nice hat, hu?

Morning Thunder was not the band name that I voted for, but I think we ended up flipping a coin and I lost. This was a pretty good band. Kirk Seifkas (all the way on the right) was a fantastic guitar player, and we remained good friends even after the band split. We played some great Heart songs, popular at the time. Carbondale, Illinois.

I can't remember the name of this band. I know we played a Journey song that I wasn't crazy about, but the bass player loved Journey. We also did some Cars tunes. It was a short-lived band. Here we are playing in the drummer's back yard for a party.

Here I am in my Tiger Suit playing in Vision. At the time, we were playing a lot of New Wave music, including XTC, Talking Heads, etc. A bass player friend, Dave King's girlfriend made the suit for me. I actually suprised the rest of the band by coming out on stage wearing the sute. It got a very warm reception from the crowd.

This is another shot from the same Vision performance. The guy singing is Mike Ebersol. This is the only band I ever played bass guitar in. This was also the last band I played in before leaving Carbondale. We played a lot of original material and were probably the best chance I had for actually "making it" as a band. When their bass player left the group, I decided to buy a bass guitar and audition for a spot in the band. This shot is taken at a concert we played in a natural cave outside of Carbondale.

This is a very rare photo of Vision taken at a club called Tuts in Chicago. The polaroid is under exposed and scratched up. I did the best I could with Photoshop so you can see what's going on. On stage, from L-R, Robbie Stokes, Mike Ebersol, and me in the black leather pants playing bass guitar.

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