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The College Years

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I attended Southern Illinois University, in Carbondale, Illinois . Carbondale was a fun town. Known for its huge Halloween street party, there was always a party to be found.

But life in Carbondale was not only spent studying... I also played a lot of music. I started out playing acoustic guitar as a solo act at two of the popular coffee houses in town, Gatsby's and The American Tap. I made friends with a young girl who was also just starting out. Her name was Shawn Colvin. Shawn and I would stop by each others "gigs" and add a little harmony whenever possible. Shawn now lives in NYC and has many CDs to her credit, as well as a Grammy. That's Shawn Colvin doing that Johnson & Johnson commercial on TV.

One of the most popular bands I joined while in Carbondale was the band, Vision. This was my first attempt at playing the bass guitar (I had been playing the guitar since the 5th grade). This band had a lot of promise. We performed a lot of original material and also played the latest music -- New Wave. We could play a mean Talking Heads. If you don't believe me, just take a peek at the picture on the left. Clicking on it will bring up a larger image. I'm the one on the right wearing the tiger-print suite!

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