The History of Alfredo Jahn

Civil engineer, Botnist and Geographer. Member of a number of the Academy of History, the Academy of Physical Sciences, Matematicas and Naturalist of Venezuela and the Venezuelan Society of Natural Sciences. Decorated with the Order of the Liberator. Been born in Caracas Venezuela on October 8, 1867, died in Caracas the June 12, 1940 at almost 73 years of age.

His parents were:

He was married in Caracas to Aurelia Lopez and had 10 children:

As a Civil Engineer, he worked with German Jimenez (Civil Engineer and Lawyer) in the National Plan of Highways and Railroads of Venezuela by order of the National Government. Works on the construction of the railroad from Caracas to Valencia. Built the highway from Caracas to El Junquito.

As a geographer he made the rise of the Lake of Valencia and all its river basin hidrografica. (all the rivers that falls in) and determined all the heights of the Mountain range of the Coast.

He lived with the Indians of the West of Venezuela and wrote books on their customs and dialectos. As Botnist he classified many plants in Venezuela and wrote a book on the Palms of Venezuela. (the Palms of the Flora Venezuelana - Caracas 1908)

He was one of the first Venezuelans to climb to the top of peak Bolivar in the Sierra Nevada of Merida.

He formed part of the Meeting of Direction and Promotion of the Tovar Colony (Colonia Tovar) in 1934.

Special thanks to my father for this information

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